We Marie Kondo’ed the cr*p out of our house…

Newly organised shoe rack, swoon!

So buzz word of the moment is KonMarie, assuming you’ve been living in a hole and not yet heard of it, Marie Kondo is a Japanese self confessed tidier, she’s released some fantastic books of how best to tidy your space and ‘spark joy’ in your home. She’s also released a series on Netflix showcasing her skills with different families. I watched the whole series in one rather glum January weekend, and after the madness of Christmas and the fact that nothing exciting ever happens in Jan (dry January, ergh) I figured why not, let’s commit a weekend and do this. First things first, it will take So MUCH LONGER than a weekend to fully sort your house! I started in the proposed way by emptying my whole wardrobe onto the spare bed, then and only then do you realise how many clothes you own (!) Whoops.. Then the idea is to hold each item and work out if it ‘sparks joy’ I found this whole process so uplifting, and truth be told easy with clothes. I’m a high street girl through and through so I always think most of what I own only ever has a few years life expectancy before I’ve either worn it out, or its gone out of fashion. My husband on the other hand, WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY! My biggest piece of advice if you want to take on the KonMarie journey, do not let your spouse see you doing it! For a start he owns far less clothes than me, and the idea of items of clothing sparking joy didn’t resonate with him, so he wanted to chuck nearly everything, and then re fill his wardrobe with new, joy sparking clothes! Not so great when we’re trying to save money at the moment. The clothing section took me nearly a whole day, that was before I’d even gotten to accessories and shoes! The next temptation is to go out and buy tons of effective storage solving ideas, this was the bit I found harder, my wardrobe now looked so much better and neater, and I wanted to glam it up a bit. Don’t. Resist temptation, I added loads of stuff to my Amazon wish list and forced myself not to buy any of them until I’d sat on the ideas for a few weeks, after that the only thing I allowed myself to buy was velour clothes hangers, not only because they look good and clothes hang great off them, but also in a self restraint way to stop me buying more clothes, if I only have 30 pretty hanger I can only have 30 pieces of clothing right? To be continued on that one I think! Fast forward to the next weekend and I decided to tackle accessories and ‘komono’, miscellaneous items around the home, my biggest hoard is make up and general beauty products, oh my, it took me nearly the whole weekend just to sort through my make up and girly crap! I’ll give her one thing though, all those samples that gather in the drawer, she’s right, I’m never going to use them! I even got side tracked once I’d sorted through this category and put things away, I had so many empty shelves and drawers I stayed getting rid of them too! So now my rooms are tidy, clutter free and feel larger due to minimal storage furnature, win win! Will keep you posted on if we can manage to keep this up though!

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