Top 10 films to unleash your ugly crying face

Sometimes you’ve just got to let it all out, and I don’t mean in a low rise jeans kind of way *shudders. I mean those days where you just need a good cry, for no explainable reason. I like to blame hormones but that will only get you so far. So here are my top 10 films to help you along the way…
1.The Notebook – an absolute classic, guaranteed to get the waterworks going!
2. Up – if you don’t shed a tear within the first 10 minutes, how soulless are you?
3. Stepmom – ah, nothing quite turns on the taps like the kindness from ‘the other woman’
4. Marley and Me – two words, sick dog
5. P. S I love you – I mean Gerard Butler with an Irish accent, the drool and tears all merge into one!
6. Armageddon – it’s the end of the world, someone has to take one for the team, sobbing commence.
7. Goodnight Mr Tom – Golden oldie, guaranteed to have you reaching for the tissues!
8. The Lion King – Every. Single. Time
9. The Green Mile – sofa snivel alert!
10. Dear John – hot male lead, tick. Hot female lead, tick. Unfortunate circumstances stopping young love blossom, tick. Absolute heart breaker.

Enjoy and happy Monday world!

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