Bedroom Revamp

How gorgeous is this navy and rose gold safari themed wallpaper from the Range?! I am in love. We went to South Africa last October so safari will always have a special piece of our hearts, and I’ve had an Elephant Obsession since before I can remember!

Stunning Safari print wallpaper. And meet Tiffany!

Rewind to almost 5 years ago, me and my then boyfriend purchased our very first house together. We were so excited! However, while we did the usual freshen up with a lick of paint and some new carpet it never really felt like we’d done up the house, we blew most of our budget on the purchase of the house itself so relied on hand me down furniture and some generous gifts from family to get us settled. And now slowly but surely over the years we’ve tried to make rooms our own but our bedroom always felt like something was missing. The wall opposite the bed is navy (Sapphire Salute – even the name sounds luxurious!) And the other walls are a very pale grey. And after years of The Husband pestering me about getting a new bed, “you spend a third of your life in it don’t you know” I caved and we invested in this beauty. Super King size ottoman bed from Wayfair. We practically have to wave at each from opposite sides of it! But still it wasn’t quite right. So when a friend sent me this wallpaper I was out the very next day buying a few rolls! Now our little corner of the world feels like out own cosy haven.

I’m super please with the wallpaper, and have a few smaller mirrors I want to group together on the wall to the right of the bed, but do you think that’s enough? I completely forgot to take ‘before’ pictures when we did this project (note to self, blogging requires more photos, so take them!) but it felt very stark and clinical.

Also the little cutie on the bed is Tiffany, our Jack/ Shitzu cross, JackShit…am pretty sure you will see a lot of her!

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