South African Adventure

I really wanted to share with you guys our amazing experience in South Africa. If you ever get the chance to go to this beautiful place, grab it with both hands and book it up!

Bumping into a male elephant in Kruger

I was so unsure before we went, I’m much more of a luxury hotel/ beach vibes kind of girl, but this trip blew my mind.

We booked a 13 day tour with G Adventures, and tagged some extra days in Cape Town on at the start, and a couple extra at the end so we could do a day trip to Botswana. We’d used similar tour groups before but I have to say this surpassed all my expectations. A lot of this comes down to the tour guide and group, and we had the absolute best of both! A real mix of ages and nationalities which made our group balanced.

Just to note this trip was not a slow paced, relaxing trip. It’s made up of early mornings and a fair amount of travelling to squeeze it all in, but it is so worth it!

Here was our basic itinerary for just under 3 weeks

Day 1/2 – Cape Town .We had an extra 3 days before starting the tour in Cape Town and honestly you could do a whole 2 week holiday just here! There is SO much to do. We visited a selection on vineyards in Stellenbosch and are still drooling over the scenery and wine 6 months later

Day 3 – Travel to JobergDay

4 – Jobery/ HazyviewDay

5 – Kruger. This just so happened to fall on my birthday, and oh boy what a day to remember! We were lucky enough to spot the top 5 and the general buzz within the trucks is incredible.

Day 6 – Letaba Ranch, this is an unfenced area within Kruger but much less mainstream

Day 7 – Greater Kruger Park

Day 8 – Morning Sun Nature Reserve/ Zim

Day 9 – Zimbabwe 

Day 10 – Matobo National Park

Day 11 – Hwange National Park

Day 12 – Victoria Falls

Day 13- Victoria Falls

Day 14/5 – Botswana

I hope this sparks an adventurer within you! Feel free to ask me about our trip because I could honestly talk about it for days.

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