“Never underestimate the importance of date night…”

A friend of ours once told us, long before we were married, on an end of week trip to the boozer after work, that date night IS SO IMPORTANT.

And truth be told we have laughed and quoted this person to each other almost weekly ever since!

Little leather notepad with all the dates planned out

But, date nights are important. Especially when we are both super busy trying to juggle working, different friend groups, family, keeping the house in order and making time for ourselves.

So last Christmas (go on, read that again without singing it, impossible right?) I decided to make A Year’s Worth Of Dates. Now, there are tons of these out there, in different formats you can buy pre done. But I’m a crafty girl, and I refuse to pay 20 quid for what is essentially a pack of cards..

So here is my spin on things, I made up this little note pad, with 2 dates per month, all coded with washi tape as to if they were free, £ or £££. So we could plan them in across the year. As it was Christmas I also incorporated other gifts into this, so most date ideas had an envelope or package to go with them:
1. Open parcel #1, (Scarf) you might need this as it’s chilly out there, we are going ice skating
2. Open box #2, (box of miniature wines) we’re doing at home wine tasting
3. Open present #3 (cookbook) each take it in turns to make starter, main, dessert and have a three course meal at home
4. Open box #4 (tackle box) let’s go fishing
5. Download the app ‘The Night Sky’ grab some blankets and let’s go stargazing
6. Let’s go bowling, looser buys the burgers and beer! 
7. Open present #5 (bucket and spade) once the weather warms up let’s go to the beach
8. Open presents #6 & #7 (popcorn and a box set) and let’s binge watch the weekend away
9. Let’s be fancy and go for brunch
10. Open #8 (marshmallows) weekend away camping!
11. Open #9 (toiletries set) at home Spa day, put a face mask on and relax
12. Let’s pretend we’re kids again and make a fort
13. Open envelope #10 (Golf score card) Pub Golf! Each hole is a different pub/drink/par
14. Game night, invite some friends round for some drinks and board games
15. Go to the zoo
16. Open package #11 (record/ CD) put this on and have a dance off
17. Open #12 (shirt) put on your best shirt and let’s go for dinner
18. Open envelope #13 (cinema vouchers) Saturday night at the movies!
19. Open envelope #14 (packet of seeds) have a day on the garden planting these and watch them grow
20. Go and play bingo!
21. Have a bonfire in the garden
22. Open package #15 (pajamas) lazy Sunday mornings, with breakfast in bed
23. Take a dance lesson
24. Grab your golf clubs and head to the driving range

So there you have it, next time your stuck on a gift idea this is so so easy to recreate, and I hope some of the date ideas have inspired you too!

Happy Weekend All!

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