Project Extension

Happy March everyone!

Oh My Goodness. I am so excited to share this project with you all (am also excited for an excuse to document all the progress as it happens!)

New Floor Plan, it looks huge!!!

So we currently live in a 3 bed, semi- detached house, with a separate lounge area, and a open plan kitchen/ dining room. It’s a decent size, we absolutely love the area but wanted a bit more space/ bigger family sized kitchen. So we’re in the process of having an extension. A pretty standard one by any means, but exciting all the same! The new floor plan we are keeping our current lounge the same to be a snug/ maybe future play room, then we will have one large open plan kitchen/ diner/ lounge in the main space downstairs. Hit me up with any of your open plan spaces because my Pintrest is full of inspiration at the moment.

So we had our architect round earlier this week, now we’re just waiting on sign off from the council and we can well and truly get the ball rolling!

Will keep you all in the loop with how it goes!

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