International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s day tomorrow, hurrah! So in the spirit of all things womanly I wanted to talk about us being comfy in our own skin.

Can I just say early doors, it had taken me YEARS to finally say “you know, I’m kinda happy with the way I am”, and that’s not to say I don’t have a little blip every now and again. Or look at someone slimmer, with bigger boobs, whiter teeth, glossier hair and don’t have a pang of jealousy. It’s just that I feel like I had been on a diet maybe since I was around thirteen, and only this year have I come to the conclusion enough is enough. I like food, god dammit!

When we got married (around eighteen months ago) I put myself on a really strict diet, I quit booze, I joined a gym, and to be perfectly honest I was MISERABLE AS SIN! And The Husband preferred me slightly curvier, so I was doing all of this just because I’d got in my own head and decided I didn’t like how I looked. After the wedding, and doing some serious pigging out on our honeymoon, I then slowly put back the weight that I had lost, because I went back to eating normally. And I’m so much happier now! My skin looks better, my hair feels better and I’m just at my ‘usual’ comfortable weight.

So have a good, long look at yourself ladies, I promise you are beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, obviously eating healthy and gymming it is good for our bodies, and eating cr*p should only be done in moderation, but the most important thing of all is to make sure you’re happy. And learn to love yourself. Be comfy in the skin your in and you will have the confidence to do anything, this is the most gorgeous quality of all.!

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