I’ve Been Hinch’ed

So for anyone who’s been here since the beginning with me will know I love ‘the latest fads’ and I absolutely love any sort of cleaning/ organising hack! If you haven’t already read it I did a previous post based on us using the Marie Kondo tidying techniques on our home (and if I’m honest three months on I’m still folding and trying to keep everything in it’s place, some weeks more successful than others!)

So the latest bandwagon I have jumped on is Mrs Hinch, she’s become insta famous from her cleaning tips and also her amazing home. Not to mention how relate-able she is, and having a gorgeous doggie called Henry helps too! So after poring over her posts most of last week, and writing a comprehensive list of must have cleaning products, I set out on Saturday and pretty much bought every cleaning product I could get my hands on in Poundstretchers and Poundland. I think the staff must have thought I was setting up my own shop, or creating a cleaning mad Brexit bunker!

My now fully stocked under sink cupboard!

I then went around room by room on a cleaning frenzy, I honestly think my house has never been so clean! We’re not dirty people but you know the jobs you always put off, like the dreaded cleaning of the oven, shudder. Well I think I cleaned solidly for about 6 hours, and my goodness it’s as good as going to the gym! Even though I spent this long cleaning, I only really tackled the kitchen, both bathrooms and lounge, and a quick hoover round upstairs, changing the sheets and a spritz of fabric spray on the curtains! So this weeks challenge is tackling upstairs (and maintaining the now spotless state of the rooms I have done!)

One of my other jobs is now trying to find a home for all the new cleaning products I’ve bought, as my under sink cupboard is full to bursting, whoops! And convince The Husband to go along with my daily cleaning rota so that I don’t have to do a full blown Mary Poppins cleaning marathon again in a few weeks time, wish me luck!

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