House Plants, real vs artificial?

Hello world! So after my spring clean blitz over the weekend I am super excited about all the spring flowers coming out! However….I manage to kill ALMOST* all plants I have ever owned. I sh*t you not I have killed a cactus. *As a side note my Nan buys us all an Amaryllis plant each Christmas and we have a competition who gets the most flowers, and by some fluke I won this year with no less that 14 off this bad boy!

But anyway, I forget to water them, I don’t really have windowsills that are suitable for plants so all in all they just die on me. But I am loving the range of artificial plants and flowers out there at the moment! I got a great potted fern that sits above our kitchen sink, which looks so real I had to tell The Husband it didn’t need watering, after I found out he’d been watering it for weeks!

How lovely is this huge cheese plant from Matalan?! Also my gorgeous green Ikea lanterns!

I also bought a huge artificial Cheese plant (I know these are meant to be super easy to keep but our lounge is more like a snug and doesn’t get much sunlight) for twenty quid! Plus when I get bored I can just switch the plants around between rooms and it feels like a freshen up to the decor. And why had no one thought to bring out a range of weatherproof artificial plants? Gap in the market I say!

So what does everyone else think? Are the current artificial plants out there good enough to house or is everyone else still loving the real thing? And any tips on keeping these alive?

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