Meal Prepping for 9-5’ers

Happy Monday guys, nice short week with the Easter break coming up!So I wanted to (attempt) to put together a foodie based week, I cook all the time at home and I really enjoy it, I am just rubbish at remembering to take photos, so I haven’t put anything on here yet. So bear with me on this one,

So we leave the house at half 7 for our morning commute, and I walk back through my front door at half 7 after getting home from work. Safe to say it’s a long day, and sometimes I could walk in and consume everything in the fridge, and sometimes by the time I think about dinner it’s so late and I’m past the point of being hungry.

So meal prepping for me is key, it means I don’t snack on crap, and I eat at reasonable times of the day.

Here is my easy chicken puff pie that only uses a few ingredients, makes a huge pie that will see you through one dinner and two lunch portions for two people, and the smell that wafts through the house while it’s cooking is amazing, winning!

Super Easy Chicken Pie, delicious!


  • Chicken Breasts x 4
  • Mushrooms (any variety will do but I like button mushrooms for this)
  • Ready Made Roll Puff Pastry
  • Red Onion x 2
  • Garlic Clove x3
  • Dried Herbs (Cumin, Coriander, Basil)
  • Fresh Thyme
  • Chicken Stock Cube (300ml boiling water)
  • Worcester Sauce x1 teaspoon
  • Dejon Mustard x1 heaped teaspoon
  • Creme Fraiche 150ml
  • Flour x2 heaped tablespoons


  • Pre heat oven to 200 degrees
  • Get pastry out of fridge so it can get to room temperature
  • Boil a kettle (for stock)
  • Slice the onions and mushrooms, chop garlic, cut chicken into chunks

To Make:

  • In a large pan, fry off the onions in some oil for a couple of minutes until just soft, add the garlic and mushrooms and cook for a further 3 minutes
  • Add the chicken, Worcester sauce and dried herbs, cook until chicken has turned white.
  • Sieve over flour and stir in to combine
  • Slowly ad the stock, stirring it in to combine, leave to simmer for a couple of minutes until thickened up
  • Add the creme fraiche and fresh thyme, stir in
  • In a large pie dish (a large oven dish will do the job just fine as well) pour in mixture, making sure its evenly spread across the pan, then unroll the pastry on top to make your pie crust, make sure to crimp the edges to seal the mixture in (trapping the mixture stops any spillages and also help the puff to rise and give a great flaky texture)

Cook for half an hour until pie is golden

Enjoy with side veggies, makes 6 portions, perfect!

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