Orange Glazed Chicken

Day two of my week of meal prepping,

Thanks for all the likes on yesterdays post!

So today I want to share a favourite in our house, sticky orange glazed chicken *drools onto keyboard! This is a super easy one if you prep it all the night before, then when you come to make it, it’s just a case of chucking the chicken in the oven and heating up the sides, my kinda cooking!

Now, before I give you then run down on how to make this I want to say, in an ideal world you would griddle the chicken to get a nice flavoured sear, however in the process of me making this I have RUINED two ‘non stick’ griddle pans. This might be because I’m a novice cook, or because I’m impatient and had it on too hot, but either way I’m going to show you how I now make it oven baked, but give it a go on the griddle if you are comfortable with this (and let me know the secret to it!)


(For the Marinade)
Juice of 2x Oranges
Juice of 1x Lime
Heaped Tablespoon marmalade
3x Tablespoon soy sauce
2x Tablespoon sriracha chilli sauce
Thumb size chunk of ginger, grated

Chicken Breast x4
1 orange sliced
Tin of Chickpeas
2x Broccoli
Lime Juice
Fresh Basil OR Mint (Whatever your preference, I like mint, The Husband likes Basil!)

To Make:
Put all the ingredients for the marinade in a large bowl, add the chicken, making sure to mix around so it’s all covered, cover bowl with cling film and leave in the fridge overnight
Pre heat oven to 200 degrees
Meanwhile blitz the two broccoli (stalks and all) in a blender until rice consistency, add lime juice (can leave this to sit in fridge overnight also to save time the next day)
Place chicken in an oven tray and drizzle over remaining sauce
Cook for half an hour, or until juices run clear
Stir fry broccoli for a couple of minutes with the chickpeas
In the stir fry pan, sear off the sliced up orange
Serve, adding chopped up basil/mint leaves to the broccoli ‘rice’ to garnish

This will do one dinner and two lunch portions for two people, and heats up great in a microwave in the office for quick hassle free leftover lunch, you’re welcome!

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