A bit About Me

I thought I’d give you all a little more insight about me…
I live in Kent (England) and commute into London daily for work. I got married 18 months ago and have lived with my husband for almost 5 years. I’m twenty something years old, although edging closer to thirty with every looming birthday! I absolutely love travelling, home decor, fashion, food, and my little dog Tiffany.

Me on our wedding day

I love my little corner of the world and started this blog as a New Years Resolution to myself, it did however take me almost six weeks to work up the guts to post anything. On the plus side I have a back log of posts that I now want to publish. So bear with me, my stuff is sporadic and currently doesn’t have much structure, but I think I’m still finding my feet and hoping it will ‘fall into place’ once I’ve been doing it a while?

Any tips or advice would be very welcome, I am yet to tell friends and family about my little blog, that’s the next leap of faith I need to take!
So…thanks for reading and supporting my posts and general ramblings, I hope you like them.

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