Bringing the outdoors in

I am ever so slightly obsessed with living walls at the moment. My office reception has just put one in and I think it’s stunning! It’s giving me so much inspiration for our house. With the new extension our side kitchen window will look out onto a very dull and unappealing fence panel, so am dreaming of creating a green living wall to give us something exciting to look out at, especially if I can convince The Husband. Am pretty sure I will be able to sway him if I sell it in as a vertical herb garden! He loves his herbs and little veg patch we have at the moment.

Office Reception new wall, fab idea to break up the grey space!

Has anyone created one of these? Any tips you would like to pass on would be much appreciated! As I have the reputation of killing cacti I’m not so sure how stressful keeping a whole wall alive will be! And I’m hoping to mostly use evergreens so that in winter it’s still a feature rather than a ton of twigs!

Will keep you posted on our progress and my findings on this!

Spring has Sprung, Maybe?

I don’t know about you guys but here in Kent there is a definate feel of Spring in the air. The daffodils are out in abundance, the weather is picking up, and Easter is just around the corner!

My first garden Daffs this year!

Though I keep finding we get a couple of warm days, I get used to the idea and go to pack the winter coats away, and it turns cold again!

I honestly believe as each year rolls around we loose Spring and Autumn, and end up in an ever spinning cycle of hot and cold with just summer and winter seasons. Must be the ‘myth’ that is global warming eh(!)

Either way, whether it really is Spring or just a false sense of warm security, the blossom trees and beautiful flowers cropping up across the city are beautiful.

Project Extension

Happy March everyone!

Oh My Goodness. I am so excited to share this project with you all (am also excited for an excuse to document all the progress as it happens!)

New Floor Plan, it looks huge!!!

So we currently live in a 3 bed, semi- detached house, with a separate lounge area, and a open plan kitchen/ dining room. It’s a decent size, we absolutely love the area but wanted a bit more space/ bigger family sized kitchen. So we’re in the process of having an extension. A pretty standard one by any means, but exciting all the same! The new floor plan we are keeping our current lounge the same to be a snug/ maybe future play room, then we will have one large open plan kitchen/ diner/ lounge in the main space downstairs. Hit me up with any of your open plan spaces because my Pintrest is full of inspiration at the moment.

So we had our architect round earlier this week, now we’re just waiting on sign off from the council and we can well and truly get the ball rolling!

Will keep you all in the loop with how it goes!

About Me

So I thought I’d give you all a little more insight about me…
I live in Kent (England) and commute into London daily for work. I’m twenty something, although thirty is looming closer with every birthday! I got married 18 months ago and have lived with my husband for almost 5 years and we’re currently going through the motions of extending our house. I absolutely love travelling, home decor, fashion, food, and my little dog Tiffany.

I love my little corner of the world and started this blog as a New Years Resolution to myself, it did however take me almost six weeks to have the guts to post anything. On the plus side I have a back log of posts that I now want to publish. So bear with me, my stuff is sporadic and currently doesn’t have much structure, but I think I’m still finding my feet and hoping it will ‘fall into place’ once I’ve been doing it a while?

Any tips or advice would be very welcome, I am yet to tell friends and family about my little blog, that’s the next leap of faith I need to take!

So…thanks for reading and supporting my posts and general ramblings, I hope you like them.

The Return of Print

Well, if we’re honest it never really went away did it? But this year I really think print is EVERYWHERE, AND I BLOODY LOVE IT!

Now, first things first, I absolutely love fashion and interiors, but I like my fur and hide firmly on the animals, not on my jacket or rug! Fake fur and printed pattern all the way!

Mixture of printed textiles

It’s not just our 80’s leopard print at the moment is it? Kat Slater eat your heart out with the range of leopard right now. Enlarged pattern, quirky colour combos or mixed with another print altogether! Am a little bit in love with a leopard/ polka combo dress online, but alas everytime I go to buy it its sold out! Sods law eh!

And what about leopards alternative sister, zebra print! Oh my. Our high Street have done us proud turning something so bold into a wearable, interchangeable piece. And I love the mixture of prints and neon colours at the moment, it’s got me dreaming of pool side cocktails!

And don’t even get me started on this year’s must have update on snake print. Swoon!

Now spring feels like it’s just around the corner I can see polka dots and ditzy florals on their way too, what a time to be alive eh!

Happy Monday All!

“Never underestimate the importance of date night…”

A friend of ours once told us, long before we were married, on an end of week trip to the boozer after work, that date night IS SO IMPORTANT.

And truth be told we have laughed and quoted this person to each other almost weekly ever since!

Little leather notepad with all the dates planned out

But, date nights are important. Especially when we are both super busy trying to juggle working, different friend groups, family, keeping the house in order and making time for ourselves.

So last Christmas (go on, read that again without singing it, impossible right?) I decided to make A Year’s Worth Of Dates. Now, there are tons of these out there, in different formats you can buy pre done. But I’m a crafty girl, and I refuse to pay 20 quid for what is essentially a pack of cards..

So here is my spin on things, I made up this little note pad, with 2 dates per month, all coded with washi tape as to if they were free, £ or £££. So we could plan them in across the year. As it was Christmas I also incorporated other gifts into this, so most date ideas had an envelope or package to go with them:
1. Open parcel #1, (Scarf) you might need this as it’s chilly out there, we are going ice skating
2. Open box #2, (box of miniature wines) we’re doing at home wine tasting
3. Open present #3 (cookbook) each take it in turns to make starter, main, dessert and have a three course meal at home
4. Open box #4 (tackle box) let’s go fishing
5. Download the app ‘The Night Sky’ grab some blankets and let’s go stargazing
6. Let’s go bowling, looser buys the burgers and beer! 
7. Open present #5 (bucket and spade) once the weather warms up let’s go to the beach
8. Open presents #6 & #7 (popcorn and a box set) and let’s binge watch the weekend away
9. Let’s be fancy and go for brunch
10. Open #8 (marshmallows) weekend away camping!
11. Open #9 (toiletries set) at home Spa day, put a face mask on and relax
12. Let’s pretend we’re kids again and make a fort
13. Open envelope #10 (Golf score card) Pub Golf! Each hole is a different pub/drink/par
14. Game night, invite some friends round for some drinks and board games
15. Go to the zoo
16. Open package #11 (record/ CD) put this on and have a dance off
17. Open #12 (shirt) put on your best shirt and let’s go for dinner
18. Open envelope #13 (cinema vouchers) Saturday night at the movies!
19. Open envelope #14 (packet of seeds) have a day on the garden planting these and watch them grow
20. Go and play bingo!
21. Have a bonfire in the garden
22. Open package #15 (pajamas) lazy Sunday mornings, with breakfast in bed
23. Take a dance lesson
24. Grab your golf clubs and head to the driving range

So there you have it, next time your stuck on a gift idea this is so so easy to recreate, and I hope some of the date ideas have inspired you too!

Happy Weekend All!

Commuter Etiquette 101

One of my biggest bug bears is my two hour each way commute into London for work. I really wanted to share with you all what I consider the basic rules of being a commuter. If I’ve missed anything please add feedback! I’m sure there are tons of us where these things p*ss us right off!

First things first, do the British thing and form an orderly que! You know what I’m talking about, on the platform before the train has even left for this journey, we all bunch together and do the awkward shuffle, but you all mentally know where you each stand in the pecking order of boarding the train. Until the train pulls in and there’s always one numpty who doesn’t know the system, who tries to swoop in amoungst the huddle, and get on first. Step aside my friend! You need to earn these stripes!

Secondly, coffee in the morning, perfectly acceptable, I (like most of Britain) can’t function until I’ve swallowed a gallon of caffeine in the morning. Breakfast on the train however is murky waters, banana? Fine. Croissant? If you must but please mind the crumbs. An Apple? Absolutely not, you might as well hold a speaker over the crunch. And don’t even think about a maccy ds, you might enjoy the smell as it wafts through your senses but I would rather not smell of chips until lunchtime.

And now we’re off, all begrudgingly making our way into the city, now is not the time to call your bestie, or your boyfriend, or even your mum for that matter. None of us want to hear about your neighbors aunts dog who recently split up from the family hamster. Keep it schtum, texting is fine but for the love of mankind please turn off your keypad bleeps!

Great, we’ve established the basics. Now, reading the newspaper. Perfectly fine, I, on the other hand do not wish to read it so please don’t open it all up in my grill, and bin it after! On that note bin all your rubbish, no one wants to Kim and Aggie their seat before the commute home.

And finally, when we all get off, treat it as you would an airplane. Closest to the doors off first, everyone else depart row by row, and help the poor 5″ girl who put her bag on the bag holder and is now too much of a short ass to get it down!

South African Adventure

I really wanted to share with you guys our amazing experience in South Africa. If you ever get the chance to go to this beautiful place, grab it with both hands and book it up!

Bumping into a male elephant in Kruger

I was so unsure before we went, I’m much more of a luxury hotel/ beach vibes kind of girl, but this trip blew my mind.

We booked a 13 day tour with G Adventures, and tagged some extra days in Cape Town on at the start, and a couple extra at the end so we could do a day trip to Botswana. We’d used similar tour groups before but I have to say this surpassed all my expectations. A lot of this comes down to the tour guide and group, and we had the absolute best of both! A real mix of ages and nationalities which made our group balanced.

Just to note this trip was not a slow paced, relaxing trip. It’s made up of early mornings and a fair amount of travelling to squeeze it all in, but it is so worth it!

Here was our basic itinerary for just under 3 weeks

Day 1/2 – Cape Town .We had an extra 3 days before starting the tour in Cape Town and honestly you could do a whole 2 week holiday just here! There is SO much to do. We visited a selection on vineyards in Stellenbosch and are still drooling over the scenery and wine 6 months later

Day 3 – Travel to JobergDay

4 – Jobery/ HazyviewDay

5 – Kruger. This just so happened to fall on my birthday, and oh boy what a day to remember! We were lucky enough to spot the top 5 and the general buzz within the trucks is incredible.

Day 6 – Letaba Ranch, this is an unfenced area within Kruger but much less mainstream

Day 7 – Greater Kruger Park

Day 8 – Morning Sun Nature Reserve/ Zim

Day 9 – Zimbabwe 

Day 10 – Matobo National Park

Day 11 – Hwange National Park

Day 12 – Victoria Falls

Day 13- Victoria Falls

Day 14/5 – Botswana

I hope this sparks an adventurer within you! Feel free to ask me about our trip because I could honestly talk about it for days.

Bedroom Revamp

How gorgeous is this navy and rose gold safari themed wallpaper from the Range?! I am in love. We went to South Africa last October so safari will always have a special piece of our hearts, and I’ve had an Elephant Obsession since before I can remember!

Stunning Safari print wallpaper. And meet Tiffany!

Rewind to almost 5 years ago, me and my then boyfriend purchased our very first house together. We were so excited! However, while we did the usual freshen up with a lick of paint and some new carpet it never really felt like we’d done up the house, we blew most of our budget on the purchase of the house itself so relied on hand me down furniture and some generous gifts from family to get us settled. And now slowly but surely over the years we’ve tried to make rooms our own but our bedroom always felt like something was missing. The wall opposite the bed is navy (Sapphire Salute – even the name sounds luxurious!) And the other walls are a very pale grey. And after years of The Husband pestering me about getting a new bed, “you spend a third of your life in it don’t you know” I caved and we invested in this beauty. Super King size ottoman bed from Wayfair. We practically have to wave at each from opposite sides of it! But still it wasn’t quite right. So when a friend sent me this wallpaper I was out the very next day buying a few rolls! Now our little corner of the world feels like out own cosy haven.

I’m super please with the wallpaper, and have a few smaller mirrors I want to group together on the wall to the right of the bed, but do you think that’s enough? I completely forgot to take ‘before’ pictures when we did this project (note to self, blogging requires more photos, so take them!) but it felt very stark and clinical.

Also the little cutie on the bed is Tiffany, our Jack/ Shitzu cross, JackShit…am pretty sure you will see a lot of her!

Top 10 films to unleash your ugly crying face

Sometimes you’ve just got to let it all out, and I don’t mean in a low rise jeans kind of way *shudders. I mean those days where you just need a good cry, for no explainable reason. I like to blame hormones but that will only get you so far. So here are my top 10 films to help you along the way…
1.The Notebook – an absolute classic, guaranteed to get the waterworks going!
2. Up – if you don’t shed a tear within the first 10 minutes, how soulless are you?
3. Stepmom – ah, nothing quite turns on the taps like the kindness from ‘the other woman’
4. Marley and Me – two words, sick dog
5. P. S I love you – I mean Gerard Butler with an Irish accent, the drool and tears all merge into one!
6. Armageddon – it’s the end of the world, someone has to take one for the team, sobbing commence.
7. Goodnight Mr Tom – Golden oldie, guaranteed to have you reaching for the tissues!
8. The Lion King – Every. Single. Time
9. The Green Mile – sofa snivel alert!
10. Dear John – hot male lead, tick. Hot female lead, tick. Unfortunate circumstances stopping young love blossom, tick. Absolute heart breaker.

Enjoy and happy Monday world!