Garden Project

Like most of our grand ideas, this one started one spring evening over a glass of vino!

The weekend before easter last year, whilst we were sat on our little patio, pondering what we could do to make the garden more ‘us’, we both agreed we had too much concrete space at the back, and wanted more grass, greenery and structure to the garden. So imagine before the back concrete area came all the way out to where the grass starts now. Stupidly we both believed we could get it done over Easter weekend, oh how niave we were!

Fast forward to almost a year and we’ve almost achieved what we set out to do, however it’s gone on hold to be finished off due to having an extension, and the likely hood of our garden being trashed in the build! But I loved this project, we did all of it ourselves, from digging out the earth to hiring a skip to take away the leftover hardcore, to creating the sleeper planters and leveling off the ground to create the steps.

I’m so proud of our achievement, and it’s meant in the long run, once we have the extension sorted we won’t have lost any grass space, win win!

We just really need to sow some grass seeds to finish off the lower level, and jet wash the tiles and put and edging on the step. Rehang the mirror – its only down at the mo because ‘Storm Gareth’ (which doesn’t sound menacing enough for this wind!) nearly blew it down so I don’t want it to shatter. Oh and convince my green fingered Mum to give us a hand planting some bulbs in the planters, although knowing Mum it won’t take much persuading!

Bringing the outdoors in

I am ever so slightly obsessed with living walls at the moment. My office reception has just put one in and I think it’s stunning! It’s giving me so much inspiration for our house. With the new extension our side kitchen window will look out onto a very dull and unappealing fence panel, so am dreaming of creating a green living wall to give us something exciting to look out at, especially if I can convince The Husband. Am pretty sure I will be able to sway him if I sell it in as a vertical herb garden! He loves his herbs and little veg patch we have at the moment.

Office Reception new wall, fab idea to break up the grey space!

Has anyone created one of these? Any tips you would like to pass on would be much appreciated! As I have the reputation of killing cacti I’m not so sure how stressful keeping a whole wall alive will be! And I’m hoping to mostly use evergreens so that in winter it’s still a feature rather than a ton of twigs!

Will keep you posted on our progress and my findings on this!